The law of attraction means that you attract things to your life based on your thoughts. These things are whatever you’re thinking about, whatever it is that you’re focusing on. What you attract to your life may not be what you want because you can attract both positive and negative things to your world. 

In the book, Law of Attraction, the author explains that your life is already under the cycle of law of attraction even if you don’t realize this. When you need something and you get it, that’s law of attraction. 

You attract what you put out into the universe. For example, some people keep getting stuck in dead end, poorly paying jobs and they don’t understand why. It’s happening because subconsciously, that’s what’s being attracted. 

People who keep dating the wrong type of person over and over again get the wrong person because it’s the law of attraction cycle they’re caught in. They subconsciously vibrate negativity and so what they get back is a negative partner. 

The law of attraction is something that answers the vibration you’re putting out into the universe. These vibrations are your feelings and they can be either positive or negative. 

The book shares that examples of positivity could be things like love, joy or confidence. 

But on the other hand, the negativity could be anger, confusion or stress. You can vibrate this without even thinking about it – and since you attract what you put out, that’s why you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your mental well-being. 

You don’t want to put out negative vibrations. You do that a lot easier than you might realize. You can think about what your lot in life is or the things you don’t have. This might be in the area of money, relationships, your job or your health. 

While you’re thinking about this, you’re putting a vibration out about it. This vibration can be negative or positive. But what happens is that, regardless of whichever one it is, the law of attraction is going to answer. 

It’s going to answer by bringing you back more of the vibration you were putting out. The key to attracting more of what you want is to understand how you can use the law of attraction deliberately. 

Once you grasp what the book teaches about this, it can help you land the job that you want, give you the relationship you crave, help your finances and more. The book teaches that you can learn how to use the law of attraction by identifying whatever it is that you want, using the right vibration and being open to it. 

In the book, you’ll discover how to stop using negative statements to attract the stuff you don’t want and how using declarative statements that are positive can help you achieve what you do want. You’ll learn how to rephrase your thoughts and words so that they let the law of attraction work for you. 

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