ASK Printing was created back in 1987, and went from strength to strength looking after the needs of local businesses. We took on a couple of apprentices to cope with the growing demand with additional work in areas of signage and apparel. As we relied upon third parties to deliver these services. we sometimes had issues with deadlines not being met. We decided to branch out into the apparel promotional and signage sector. We purchased a screen printing carousel, Heat tunnel Heat press and various other equipment for apparel. We also purchased a Grphitec Vinyl cutter for the signage. Disaster struck in 2001 with the Xmas day bush fires, with both factories being burnt to the ground, Well that was it time to call it a day. Not likely we still had 2 apprentices so it was time to re- build, we worked out of the garage at home for 6 months and in this time we were still able to supply goods & services to our loyal customers, We then moved into a factory unit in Silverdale early 2002 where we slowly started to re - build With great equipment Rolland Printer and Cutter Fuji xerox Press and Heidekberg Printing press. We took on another 2 apprentices and slowly built our services back up to be able to service all our loyal clients, Fly ahead a few more years which now see us with a country change Moving to Young NSW where we still service our long term clients from Sydney to Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and all the other places in between and now service our new Clients with the same passion and enthusiasm we have always had. Thank you for looking at our website and hope we can help you with your business needs.